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Message from The Highway Commissioner

Shortly after becoming Highway Commissioner I was approached by some of our residents about the
possibility of being kept more informed about what projects, plans, and events were taking place in the
township. From that initial conversation and in speaking to other residents who all agreed, this annual
newsletter was created. The response was immediate and positive. The next step was obvious – using
modern media and technology to inform our homeowners and residents of immediate or emergency
situations that were occurring. This led to the creation of a Facebook page which in turn led to our
posting videos and email alerts. Today between 3,000 and 4,000 people view the Facebook page and
more than 1,500 homes request email notices, a number which continues to grow. This year we received
not one but two awards for the best use of media by an Illinois Road District. That recognition came
because of you and the support you showed. What is amusing is that when we first began the process,
other townships were highly critical saying this was a waste of time. Today those same townships are
now trying to copy what we began. So to each of you, thank you for making this effort a success.
One of the more irritating things that took place every year is the flooding that occurs when storm drains become clogged during heavy rains. I’m sure you’ve all seen or experienced this. In the past when this occurred, we had to hire an independent contractor to resolve this issue. What made this frustrating was both the cost, $15,000 to $20,000 a year, and that it was done when the vendor and machinery were available. Depending on their schedule this could be up to ten days, leaving the township vulnerable both to the flooding and to these vendors’ demands. Last May, we found a solution. Naperville had a Vactor 2100 truck available for sale. After negotiating with Naperville and working with Plainfield Township via an intergovernmental agreement, we purchased this vehicle. In essence, we were able to purchase this vehicle which costs over $450,000 new for $50,000, saving residents over $400,000. The addition of the Vactor 2100 allows us to better maintain storm sewers, respond to flooding immediately, and use the hydro-excavation to better locate utilities when installing or replacing drainage systems. The vacuum feature on the truck will allow us to perform routine cleaning and maintenance on storm sewer inlets throughout the township.

Thank you,

Bill Alstrom

Highway Commissioner



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